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What to PreparePicture of flooding

Prepare for an Emergency

Keep copies of important papers outside your home
Include your passport, driver’s license, social security card, health insurance cards, prescriptions, list of your valuables, will, deeds and financial records.

Choose a person to be your contact
Choose someone outside the Bay Area. Give this person the names and telephone numbers of people to keep informed. After a disaster, ask your contact person to call those people.

Develop emergency plans for home, school and work
Pick exit routes and meeting points. Get familiar with emergency procedures for different situations described in this booklet. Practice your plan!

Make emergency kits for home, work and car

Put smoke detectors in your home
Change the batteries twice a year.

Secure your appliances particularly your water heater.

Learn how to turn off utilities (see What to Do).

Earthquake Preparedness Supplies for Family of Four

First Aid Supplies

Food and Water (Replace on a yearly basis)



Go Bag

Check underlined items every six months to be sure they are current/have not expired/in working order.

If you evacuate your home be sure to bring your go bag.

Car – Store Items in Car


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